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the depth of uterine muscle invasion and, to a lesser
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Current Surgical Management of Left Main Coronary Occlusive Disease
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For nortriptyline, the majority of studies indicate that a
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and perspiration is increased ; water, chloride of sodium, and acids (prob-
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Sons of a famous physician, Dr. William was born in
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State Mental Patients, Reducing Rehospitalization 927-9
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which pass over South America and Africa, curve downward upon the map,
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0 = No relief 1 = Partial relief 2 = Complete relief
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Take Time to pray ... It is the greatest power on earth.
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RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association support
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represented upon geographical maps, by walking a few miles along the coast
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be applied to substances destroying entozoa or ectozoa, or epiphytes or ento-
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BERNARD T. FEIN, MD, professor of pediatric allergy and
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gious men is perhaps beyond the number in the analogous class in civil
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giography and with preparations for pulmonary emboiec-
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Hilton, Miami Beach. For information: Lucy R. Kelley, c/o Miami Otolaryngology, Feb. 24-Mar. 1, Bahia Mar Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale.*
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This letter is to congratulate both The Journal of the
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you are unable to practice — rent, employee’s salaries, utilities, phones and other costs continue;
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men. In two attacks of cholera in India, Dr. Parkes found it almost im-
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program, outpatient facilities and an inpatient unit,
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ent, the system, as it exists, is a gigantic scandal to Christianity, and Jeannel's singular
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FlG - ltJ1 " beams, to the other end, and open at the gable ;
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longed periods and in geriatric patients requires caution and frequent monitoring for symptoms
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kalemia is usually asymptomatic and may be manifested only by
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lungs, spleen, liver, and muscles, may be all present at the same time. See paper by
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EKG Interpretation and Arrhythmia Management, Nov. 2-4, Don
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possible, as inaccurate records are worse than none.
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This elevated temperature in the whole of the Texan Rio Grande region is
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