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immediately under or in the cellars of houses, and no ventilation can en-
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femoral bypass when necessary for temporary circulatory
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t Although the dose of Bentyl used to show pharmacologic effect was 50 mg. , which is a higher single dose than that permitted in the labeling, the dose was
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250 lb, 25 miles in Lower Bengal. Assuming each man weighed 150 lb, the work was.
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itary state of its camp should be specially and thoroughly investigated.
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acid on low forms of life growing in liquids. In practically carrying out
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tion which decreases in caliber from the hilum and frequently
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Fig. 2. — Results, hemoccult screening Project: Sarasota County
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A delegation of high-ranking AMA officers has met with HEW Secretary
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A self-professed "ergasiophobiaphilist," Lee Scarborough
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countries, is taught to place the foot almost flat on the ground, but this is
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performance in the peer-managed TEP: (1) In the “peer
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departments will be developing “Recall” activities in order to assure
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Similarly, perforation of the atrium and thrombosis have
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relocate. Please reply to Ad-180, TEXAS MEDICINE, 1801 North Lamar
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ever new contacts with these wonderful, bright young
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malpractice. The plaintiffs then attempted to subpoena
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1 . Stefanu C, Zetzman MR: Distribution of physicians in family practice
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or 1° Fahr. (John Davy) ; from 1° to 2^° and 3° (Eydaux and Brown-Se-
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evaluation, e.g. arteriograms, do not give. Also, one is
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into iodozone, which is extremely volatile at ordinary temperatures, and is
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reinforcements may be spent individually or for group
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has been an increase of only one position in surgery (Fig 5).
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Program is better able to provide the coverage needed today, to meet the financial problems caused
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With regard to other diseases, and especially to diseases of sanguifica-
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quality are one or more of the following : dissolved oxygen, organic car-
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The necessity for obtaining all the information possible about a water,
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(2) treatment courses of three doses over the first 1 2-24
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The stationary general hospitals in rear should be of tents or wooden
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are given priority in expenditures over new diagnostic and
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of strychnia, ferrous sulphate, arsenious acid, picric acid, and others which
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teaching by chiropractors in medical schools and to permit chiropractors to hold
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in a porcelain basin until about one-third of its volume has evapo-
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interested in teaching should participate in the training of all physicians, including family practice residents, in child
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Medicine Consultants, P.A., 1533 Merrimac Circle, Suite 202, Fort Worth,