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creasing humidity. When pain occurs with this instrumental condition the

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determination of what is or is not proper medical care

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well as the ureal nitrogen, and Dr. Parkes repeated their experiments. 4

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appreciably affected by the rise of the tide in the case of seaboard towns.' 3

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to be worn at the option of the men, the men would have cool dresses in

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patients with known allergy to the cephalosporin group of antibiotics.

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• Dr. Bralow, 4305 Midnight Pass Road, Sarasota 33580.

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5. Griffin, E.H. and Minnis, J.F.: Pectus Excavatum: A Survey and A Suggestion for

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1 . Risch SC, Huey LY, Janowsky DS: Plasma levels of tricyclic antidepres-

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Florida Society of Pathologists Annual Slide Seminar

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Laboratories. The program will feature both in and out-of-state

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had no syphilis, but had heart and lung diseases. Of the whole 114 cases, 78

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decidedly, averted or prevented by high altitudes. The more recent ex-

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American College of Psychiatrists, Tucson, Ariz, Feb 15-19, 1 981

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Armament, viz., rifle and sling (91b 8 oz.), bayonet (1 lb), ammu-

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Fig. 2 — With the costochondral cartilages excised, the sternum

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awakens me because it is one that is a, well say, colloquial-

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hide have been found very useful, and are commonly. used by sentries.

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disease . . . consider Quinamm . . . simple, convenient dosage— usually just one tablet

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also London Medical Record, July 15, 1881, p. 296 ; and Charitable and Parochial Es-

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was to implement a plan of therapy for the two types of

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ego, and years of scientific observation lend support to these

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lence, and the evidence on this point seems very complete. 2

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duodenal stenosis); paralytic ileus, intestinal atony of the elderly

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of resistance. N.B. — One grain of nitrogen eliminated, represents an amount of al-

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violations of the law. These included seventeen cases for selling cream of

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serpentine, trap, gneiss, mica slate, argillaceous slate, and clays. 1 Sucb

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missions at Malta were only 4.4, and in 1880 only 2.2 per 1,000 and no

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or the soda and tank waste from the alkali works, mixed with sulphuric

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been on this command, bears a close relationship to this impure state of barrack air."

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I think that there are two key points to this system

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quake at Bavispe, Mexico, won the gratitude of Sonoran offi-

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public. However, it was worth the price of the book just

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