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systemic infection; the Actinomyces are implanted by mechanical
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stages, except for the location, the eruption of measles; on close
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old authors this eruptive fever was known by various names, of which
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show an opacity around the colony. Some workers use
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individual has left the materies morbi upon some intermediate object,
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with increase of protein in the spinal fluid and negative Wasser-
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"rigor mortis" slight. Opening up the abdominal cavity re-
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unsatisfactorily treated in the majority of text-books, here is
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associated wdth pregnancy it has, I beHeve, a much more favor-
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nary factor is found to be 1.020, and the volume of solution is
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mended (1 to 5 grs. every four hours) in this and the final stage, or the
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mide. The color of the blood filtrate is compared with
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containing 1 ml of blood should be made. Incubate cultures aero-
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(cysticercus). The adults inhabit the small intestine. Distribution
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vigorous digestion text-books that a^re faint-hearted in vindication
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The chief advantages for hot-water injections are : —
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one to four lobes ; and several of the largest animals lived for months. — Boston
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of the Hver can be felt 2 cm. below the costal margin on deep
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Case III died two weeks after this last consultation without
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fever and tularemia. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, an
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is weak, and the chance of recovery is less. Probably other changes, as yet
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should seek to remove it by a diuretic along with other appro-
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of the case, and possibly the presence of herpetic vesicles on the lips or face,
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guishing characteristic of diphtheria. The diphtheria bacilli are generally
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soon proved, however (and Schmidt has since acknowledged his
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group of diuretics are indicated for this type of case and pro-
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autopsy for histologic examination are placed immediately in
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technique for drawing blood has been described in section
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After six hours the foetus was expelled. The placenta refusing
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a local infiltration of leucocytes, and a general hsemic leucocytosis. This results in
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action of drugs ( provings ), and our ability to apply each drug
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istic post-mortem appearance. Decomposition sets in early, and the