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and the period of hot weather too short, to cause much development of
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colonization by fecal uropathogens. It has no signifi-
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70°, or even more, may be necessary, and old people bear with, benefit a
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when I cannot make a patient well,” remarked John P.
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is, therefore, even worse than it reads in the text.
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laboratory. Will join two busy certified internists practicing in east
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chills, toxic nephrosis with oliguria and anuria, periarteritis nodosa
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facilities in Florida. The purpose of this project is to aid the Committee
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I physician should periodically reassess the usefulness of the drug for the
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Tes-Tape® (Glucose Enzymatic Test Strip, USP, Lilly)
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political devotion to the cause of the colonies. He was a
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potential for abuse of the system as it now exists that was
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the slopes and summits of mountains ; nearly everywhere there is an ap-
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aorta with an appropriate Dacron tube graft. Aortic valve
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atrial or atrioventricular sequential pacing for treatment
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Great strides have been made during the past year to improve the
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1 This was in 1860 ; calculated from Laveran's returns from eleven of the great
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Supplied: Double Strength (DS) tablets, each containing 160
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External Cause. — During the last few years the progress of inquiry has
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Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Hematology and Oncology
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used zinc chloride. Dr. J. C. Wilson 2 suggests that the physician should
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ruled out by serial enzymes and electrocardiograms. He
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with Larry Kingsbury in the practice of thoracic surgery
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Special Issue on Otolaryngology (September 1978); Special Issue on
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" In order to eliminate from the last two experiments the possible
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the greatest amount of order, cleanliness, ventilation, and salubrity.
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is used. The patient is positioned so as to provide
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the discharges, which may even find their way into the hold and bilge.
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tives from the two societies, the Board, and the ACS, has
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section 2 and cryotherapy 3 for congenital and acquired
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gienic measures. The first case even should make us take urgent meas-
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The mean height of the barometer, for 1880, at Jacksonville was 30.108
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Urinary Tract Infections: Usual adult dosage — 1 D.S tablet
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by cold cardioplegic solutions containing potassium
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moval, and at what periods neuralgic and rheumatic patients must exer-
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