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charged into the bladder through the ureter when they give way, and such

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catching the luxated bone with the thumb, or finger, the body is rotated,

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A portion of the cartilage of nasal septum is seen at (d),

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of the negative pole in the tumor is more liable to cause scar. A cur-

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number of cells to the effects of the first aspiration. This is not, however,

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diminished in quantity, and leucin and tyrosin are found in their place.

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the temperature begins to fall, and rapidly reaches the normal standard.

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the red ones are shrivelled, serrated and partly disorganized. The blood

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In several months, perhaps, this will disappear of itself, or there may be

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Poupart's ligament, one leg being the outer border of the rectus muscle,

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is accomplished by forced supination or pronation, as occurs in violent

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rial changes are thus most frequently associated with some form of nephri-

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The physical signs of the stage of consolidation vary with the extent of

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or healing by blood clot. There is another method which properly

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to the right iliac fossa is of advantage in hemorrhage in typhoid fever.

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ulcerated, as sequelae to cancer of the kidney. Dropsy may result from

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the limb; if he feels he can not, amputation is necessary. After ampu-