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the editors of your Special Issue on Nutrition, (April
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L. Mott, Malone and Hogan Clinic, 1501 West 11th Place, Big Spring,
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Horse Guards have been already mentioned. The cuirass weighs 10 lb
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Hemodynamic Consequences of Atrioventricular and Ventricular Pacing. Pace: 1,8, 1978.
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Miami, Co-Guest Editor, for the Orthopaedic Issue, who served by
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Dr. Hermann Weber, in his important work on the Swiss Alps (p. 22),
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dermatology, internal medicine. Please reply to Ad-170, TEXAS MEDI-
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“Patent Ductus Arteriosus,” Jean McCarthy, M.D.,
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All patients in the series have enjoyed a significant
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was more phthisis than in England, and far more than in Canada. The
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bring disrepute upon the law and great annoyance to commercial interests.
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Of particular interest to me as a professor of surgery
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