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soil. It is necessary to choose a point for the intake somewhat above the

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communities. Such information can be of use to directors of

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Army medical training programs are among the best in the nation. All are approved by the Liaison

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Florida Medical Association Officers and Council Chairmen

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sioners. 1 They declare — and after reading the Station Beports and the

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dyspnea, hair loss, muscle pain, dysuria, increaseo sweating, and

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analogous case of Western Canada, given by Mr. Mackeleave (Medical Times and Gazette,

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rector of Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch in Amarillo. He held that

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Baker, the energetic Secretary of the Michigan State Board of Health, give

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eight nurses.) There’s no conceivable way that Speck

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for the study, The Journal surfaced from the survey with good marks.

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seen in reproductive studies in mice and rats receiving dosages greater than the

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9 oz. of potatoes, 5^- oz. of peas, and 5 oz. of barley.

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though the best observations show that these distances are less than were

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cially in some parts of India, and hydatid disease of the liver or other

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to strength, and then, if any regiment showed any excess of sick, the san-

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and the available oxygen is distributed to the most vulnera-

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physicians and utilizes their leadership as well as their

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tying within the line of a semi-tropical climate, they are entirely exempt

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TB was a death sentence. Today it can be cured. millions

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Felipe Estrada, MD, 58, a member of Bexar County Medical

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certified or board eligible psychiatrist interested in providing services

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2. Scoggins RB, Kliman B: Percutaneous absorption of corticosteroids: sys-

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greatest care is necessary to place them in the manner least likely to detract

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CLASSIFIED AD RATES & DATA: Classified Advertising

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choice of salary or fee-for-service with guarantee — malpractice paid —

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turned out, is that, first, the feet can advance in a straight line, which is

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causes." These local boards are increasing in number year by year, as fast

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rotting give off an odor which is considered quite unhealthy.

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are therefore subjected to great pressure. These pipes (Perkin's patent)

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inches diameter, if the lower or discharging end dips in water as soon as

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1 A full inquiry was made into this outbreak ; it was, as so frequently happens,

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ment of areas of low barometer across the surface of the earth, the conse-

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tioned by Dr. Smart (loc. cit. ). Dr. Woods (loc. cit.) speaks of two ships sailing from

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alls ; but it is uncertain if this change will be permanent.

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L application and check to : Mr. Awtrey W. Peace, Administrator Neurology Clinic,' P.A.

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total deaths. The next chief causes of deaths were fevers, which accounted

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