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Dick L. Van Eldik, M.D., Lake Worth, Specialty Medicine
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Special Issue on Nutrition -(April 1979). I saw a copy of
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with appropriate audiovisual support. At 10: 15 a.m. there
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these tests were performed on patients under age 20
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The sight of a patient in leather restraints can lead
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description and figures will be found in the former editions of this work.
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on the quality of the water in relation to filtration from the surface. The
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The lime and other mineral matters, except alkalies, existing in the
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cending round the sides of the bed, will at once dilute and carry up the
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briefly reviewed. These are — temperature, humidity, movement, weight,
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weakness and nervousness. Miscellaneous reactions: Drug fever,
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leg, and to occupy, on an average, 0.357 seconds ; this would give 168 steps
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which are usually confined to the osseous medullary
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then be calculated. The rule for the calculation of the force from the ve-
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sold under its true name, and that it contained all the nutrition needed by
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for the transmission of light in this system allows for far
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These remarkable results were not peculiar to the English Army.
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treated with bedrest, judicious use of sedative, propra-
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Electrocardiography • Diagnosis and Treatment of Common
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patients, or in large amounts, or for prolonged periods of time.
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the council of the World Medical Association and not
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vessels could be quickly cleaned and disinfected before they entered the
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latrine are thoroughly washed in this way twice daily. Probably it would
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spontaneously. He looks upon many diseases as hereditary, in the sense that the con-
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colonoscopy. Cancers were found in seven individuals or
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symptoms like those being treated anxiety, agitation, irritability, tension, insomnia and occa-