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Instructions for Parents by Matthew M. Cohen, M.D. 232
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from the air, or of gases which may pass into the air, and there act on the
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used for disinfecting purposes, for decolorizing the waste water from fac-
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endorsement increased from 134 in 1971 to 1,325 in 1978.
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associated with the individual’s selection of a small commu-
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It will be obvious that the larger the value of /x, the less will be the value of
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charges on reimbursement. It continues to examine the spe-
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f purpose of obtaining the tine imposed, in case of conviction, it is very clear
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great changes in each way. At Brussels, the greatest possible yearly un-
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“I believe the need to order extra tests to practice
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opportunity to make whatever contributions 1 can,” Dr.
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Carbolic Acid. — This substance is given off when solid carbolic acid is
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penicillin G-resistant and penicillin G-sensitive staphylococci. If the
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Any attempt at classifying our soils under this consideration must at
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bottom, so as to change the air once in ten minutes. Fresh air enters
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The papers when used should hang loose in a place protected from the sun
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variation was greater at the end of a series than at the beginning. The
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ond subset of patients, as defined by Beall and Collins, in-
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salary commensurate with qualifications. Curriculum vitae and three
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and the common femoral on the left. The postoperative
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Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics , ed 2. New York,
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designed in our laboratories. The powdered tissue was
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School of Public Health at the University of Miami.
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named the first recipient of the F. Eugene Tubbs, M.D.,
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• Dr. Selby, Division of Thoracic and Cardiovascular
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It is most satisfactory to find that the sickness and mortality are both
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retain its equability. There seems no harm in this, but such exertion can-
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and frontal arteries. The latter arteries anastomose with
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mer by passing over ice, four tons being required for each evening. One
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sants Protective measures indicated in highly anxious patients with ac-
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3 Tibbets, Medical Times and Gazette, October, 1867.
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provided the mixture contains at least fifty per cent, of coffee (see