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surely all such remedies need care and watching in pre-

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it is most hopeful for treatment; and who has charge of it? The

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Special Clinical Forms. — There are two unusual types of variola

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quantity imbibed, as is erroneously supposed, but rather upon an

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the bacilli may pass up and involve the gall-bladder ; even a

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have the secondary or mixed infection to contend with as the

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monizes exactly with the latest conclusion of Osier on this subject.

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from alcohol or opium, or any other intoxicant. After some

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infection by a single generation would result in sporulation every second

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not easily made. Generally the power to perceive cold and heat is

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with a solution (1 : 2000) of mercuric chlorid. If convalescence super-

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regarded as intractable or too desperate until some form of hydriatric

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The text-books of fifteen years ago when referring to the treatment of

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spraying for these fungi with copper and arsenic, even if we

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two-hourly record be kept for a few days, from time to time an accurate

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a pinhead to that of a French pea. The branches of the Sylvian

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best chemical agents, for purposes of asepsis and antisepsis. Just as

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are applied in order to educate or train the patient. His reactive ca-

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ordered digestion and irritability of the bowels. Rarely, chronic nephritis

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manner may be explained the rise of temperature in fevers, and its

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A.l)., IM.l)., Clinical Professor of Siirj>erv in the Xcw York

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layer that is often limited to the top surface of the folds of the colon.

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send their chronic cases which have resisted simple measures to col-

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cool water to the skin evokes a stimulus to the sensory nerves, which

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secondary infection. It may also be observed after broncho-pneumonia.

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vate) must be secured if the deadly progress of small-pox- is to be averted,

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Duration, three or four days. Duration, five or six days.

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the Lesions in the Body. — Tuberculous noAv growths elect, most fre-

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resjitH-t."" Then- is ;ni"tlici' siiugestimi nt" miu-li iiiipoj'tauce,

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by fomites, and is most liable to be communicated during the begin-

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tion has passed to the acid stage they are objectionable.

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From a well-marked case of scarlatina the diagnosis offers no diffi-

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contact with the cold water in motion, the latter by the friction and its

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probably to special localizations of the specific streptococcus. To such

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a hot-air bath (167°), with a cold compress around the head, and given frequent