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on construction until the areas had been designated.

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The first case of pleural carcinoma was described by Wagner* in

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The table which follows shows the foreign trade of Denmark in

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As the next step in his investigations, Kellner determined by actual

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California or Cala Hams. — Can not be called " Hams ; *' may be called " Calas."

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Then searching which way the wind had passed when we blew from the

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troughs must be used for feeding horses. Suitable troughs for grain and water must be

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substances with <-(.rtain of Ih.- mi'taliolic products of the oruMiiism has

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ready in existence. It might be well at this moment

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emulsion, free, however, from large particles. One series of guinea-

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the connective tissue and numerous extravasations of blood (Figs. 6, 7).

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liver niiiiht be exriected to be associated with an up.set in the mctab.

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Emery, Edgar V. N St. Louis Flavan. David B St. Louis Gearhart. M Bethany

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condition can money be accepted from such a source by the Depart-

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supply. This demand shows every indication of being maintained

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The larjic ))ereeiita<:e of creatine in muscle tissue leads one to expei-t

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-'"■ "'' I'' 1: :il''<''' l>oiliM«r till- urolcjn-frcc Mood (iltrntc witli livdi-..

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reflex, the knee-jerk will be found much less aetne we P™ve" H

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resembling the tumor-tissue, there are no areas of consolidation of tliiB

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direction of the Bureau, and undoubtedly good results can be obtained

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of animals. For the present we should make every effort to free our

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were replaced, and the abdomen was carefully closed In layers with silk.

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of loncr-oontinued low heat in the treatment of otherwise inoperable

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these lobules is variable. A very marked degree of chronic interacinar pan-

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Resolved, That a letter enclosing official epidemiologic cards

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jirouiid nerve cells in the >rany;li<'n, the axons of which, as we have seen,

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Stations of the Department in investigations as to the digestibility

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the connective tissue. and the connective-tissue layer

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smaller abscesses. These haye less deflnitely organized walls and the dis-

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preceded this roentgen-ray. There was prolonged disability

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,": '• "'';: ''-."'--..,1 ,ha,. .h..n .h...os.. is in.i....,...l intrav,-

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deposits sheep lireediiii: v\as an entire I'ailiire. The importanee of admin

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lumbia (1949): V. V. Wood. St. Louis (1950); F. T. H’Doubler,