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tamination. Repeating their experiments Dr. Gaylord proved

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It then became occluded and there was leakage into the vagina. /

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colleagues in the medical department of the University

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rather successful. He gives tabulated statistics of 80 cases, 69

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Practically the routine management of cases should be freed

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Lannois has used sodium cacodylate in treatment of chorea,

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ful explorations, and draws a close analogy between the treat-

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to that of dentists in removing the dam from teeth.

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ble of accelerating its beat as occasion demands, as is possible

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125 acres of land near White Haven, on the Upper liehigh

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* Read at the annual meeting of the Academy of Railway Sur-

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War, for many years a consulting physician of the Hartford

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tient survived and eventually recovered. In one of my

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ether itself, and he thinks that while there may have been

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and the rectal wall. This space being reached., the left

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Mother and infant left the hospital in one month in good

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Daniel Humphrey, M.D., Vermont Medical College, Wood-

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Prayer was offered by Bishop H. B. Whipple, after which

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11. Report on Medicines Used by One Hundred St Louis Physi-

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bers or fraction of that number. 3. Each Section shall

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room and other gathering points members of the hotel com-

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tion at another hospital for the removal of the hernia diagnosed

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logically and chemically, in which the urine was alka-

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whether injected subrutaneously, or directly into the circula-

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limit. Here the choice of operation is largely a matter of in-

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none Of their virulence when the tubes were opened after four

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superior mesenteric artery extends from the small in-

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of which was obtained in the perfectly pure state, Takamine de-

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above. Some of the bodies were observed to send out

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of the common duct and consequent impairment of liver func-

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With the exception of measles the contagious diseases are all

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