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arterial tension, to take the place of the vague and
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mother, so far, of course, as it is ever possible to
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D. C. ; Dr. W. H. Sanders, Montgoniery, Ala.; Dr. L.
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During his stay in the hospital it was noted that he
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there have the opportunity for obtaining a practical
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ment is far from encouraging, to say the least,— nephrec-
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girl, a housemaid, felt the pain down her left side
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was seen, he noticed a slight swelling in the tail of
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hosi)ital is not better adapted to this work than the
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friend was entirely incorrect ; the warrant had not
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were visitors from France, England and lloumania. In
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did not boil their drinkin^Jj water in the preparation of
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you would rather fight than eat and your bickering and
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the clinical history with the result of examination,
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Grace, J. G., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of
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terise, as exact pathological equivalents, the differ-
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ment, but a paresis of the shoulder muscles and of the
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Somervilie 1. From erysipelas, New York 4, Chicago 2, Phila-
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ago began to be troubled with sharp pain in the umbilical
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culture could not be obtained from the teeth cavities,
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dark })urple in color and dotted with little yellow
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and are most marked near the niidtlle of the organ,
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air life, and, if he can afford it, two years. I be-
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clination of about one in six ; and at Ashby's steam-
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Maine Medical Association. — The semi-centenary of the
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cases of typhoid among a colony of foreign laborers
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ness. She had lost her appetite; the bowels were costive;
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entrance of the diplococcus pneumoniiXi in the case
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tetany, Moynihan, B. G. A., 501; German emperor, 579.
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swellings. These cases were successfully treated by
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pseudo-leukemika " have been applied to practically
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solid food, until in the advanced stage of the affec-
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coast of Ireland than upon the western ; County Ar-
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tion is considered both .subjectively and objectively, the
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All of this raises the intellectual and professional
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of typhoid fever four years before. B. paratyphosus ^
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the internal os, except a small detached area on the
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in the city. The water supply is still the same as it was
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heat-regulating mechanism by the antipyretic f)laycd a
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of injury except to chest. In fact there was no defi-