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in 24 hours must be cut down. In the lighter cases only, very small

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Dyspnoea. — Dyspnoea is another symptom which may accompany an

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any proteins at present available for such studies.

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some element necessary to phagocytosis or to some inhibitory

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crasy, that is, from susceptibility to its action ; that he had adminis-

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long been allowed to sway the public mind in this matter. No

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If the cure must be carried out at home, it is best to use the alkaline-

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whom we are deputed to represent, has not yet produced the desired effect

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ments, such as pepper and mustard, apparently makes digestion easier.

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which, if left in the blood, would speedily prove fatal.

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ing a single chromatin element (PI. 2, Fig. 32). The lines of

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small piece of fowl, chicken, pheasant, or partridge, roast veal or veal

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cases of glycosuria which, in consequence of nervous diseases, follow

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the discharge of suspended solids in the spring, the stability fell

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contact with meningitis; in none of these did he find the meningococcus. Again,

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noxious influences which caused the fever, though they were brought

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stopper and pyrogallic acid plug replaced by sterile cotton and a

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The third important factor in the digestibility of meat is its mode of

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ever, was nearer than supposed ; and after a few days of uncon-

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In a previous article^ Dr. Weaver and I described three strains

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dish containing sulphuric acid. The temperature is reduced by

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seemed to suppose. All enlightened obstetricians had now, when

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the point (usually under anaesthesia) where the pulsation in the aneurism

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starch-corpuscles, fragments of cotton, wool, and silk, and fragments

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by his symptoms, by marked irritation at the point of injection, or by

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controversies, forced things to the bitter end, — he was always ready-

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light and light-brown by transmitted light. Microscoi)ically, it is brown, rather dark

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soft, cushion-like mass, which occupied the upper portion of the

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important changes take place. This fact may explain Strickland's