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(and these are the cases which usually throw the doctor off
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of Typhoid Fever. The gradually cooled bath may be substituted if
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after-effects were bad, and I imagine he did not keep it up.
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as the latter is the best substitute. Some contend that the sulphate of
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greatly diminished; restlessness and jactitation may rarely appear.
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sickening dose, but if the stuff is artificial, do not mention the
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lence, retraction of the neck, spasm, tremor, and profound prostration.
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elevation of the bodily temperature. It is a late-appearing develop-
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the mercuric-chlorid solution be employed, at least six hours must be
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find the quotidian, tertian, or quartan organism, we will at
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places near by. Now for the apparent reason. The peninsula
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previously cited it is stated that in the three series of cases (247) that
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and the number of blood corpuscles diminished, when the part becomes
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of the obnoxious microbes are in a large degree wanting.
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Among measures to prevent ether-pneumonia I would urge an appro-
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edies for the relief of the great pain, and in many cases its effect in
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Owing to the withdrawal of fluid from the lymphatics and blood-
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can live on milk alone for a considerable time, but it should
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little tin. Canned products are very universally used, not
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It remains to be shown later how hydrotherapy may utilize its
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periodicity, caution should be used in pronouncing in favor of malarial
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vented the occurrence of any effect upon the pial vessels under water
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administered hypodermically, the dose not being small, but gr. |- to ^
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phthisical cases, present abundant evidence in detail of the influence
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attention to detail with such a gang! You could not trust
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besides many small private schools. In the training of the
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were all found to be healthy; that if there were any doubt-
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The disease is most common during the period of greatest sexual
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chill, this doctrine was regarded as defective until Maragliano de-
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the toxine. In laryngeal cases over two years of age, never
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desired; but in the beginning stage, when the disease is curable,
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(3) The pustule is formed by the filling of the reticuli with leuko-
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and eat only to live; for the remainder of the year they enjoy
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injury. There may be exceptions here, as in such a disease
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pockets. Where this is thoroughly done under the guidance of
parke-davis announces discovery of antibiotic chloromycetin
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cholera can be effectively preserved by a 0.5 per cent, solution of car-
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cases, and showed the surprisingly low mortality-range of 1.22 to 2.66