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purgative, and almost useless for domestic or manufacturing purposes.

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ology, page 461) consists of a vast rain area, at the centre of which is a

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the one paying the bill demands that it be justified. Can

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followed by ampicillin 0.5 g or amoxicillin 0.5 g orally 4 times a day

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various conditions of service, and suitableness for military exercises, had all

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have been anticipated. At the times of rain, however, and during the fogs-

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approaches to the diagnosis. One group of studies deals

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the civil male population at the same age (nearly as 15 to 10 ] per 1,000) ;

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what line on the vernier corresponds exactly to a line on the scale. Then

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in the various tuberculosis sanatoria throughout the

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height of 20 and 18 feet, would give 1,800 cubic feet in the plains and 1,408

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Continuing Education, UTHSC at Dallas, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd,

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NOTE Cultures and susceptibility tests should be performed initially and

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of those, chloride and sulphate of zinc have been chiefly used, but sul-

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Kilpatrick, M.D., 531 U.S. Highway #1, North Palm Beach 33408.

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always be avoided because of increased risk of congenital malformations as suggested

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Gerold L. Schiebler, M.D., of Gainesville, is completing his fourth

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increased. In modern armies, there is not only little attempt to cultivate

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As a master of syntax he was able to inject whimsical di-

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to practically utilizing such items of information in the management of

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work of the American Public Health Association. Beginning with a very

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ber of the Phi Chi medical fraternity and lived in the

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invited to meetings of the Board of Governors and any special or

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1. Bergman, A. B.; Beckwith, J. B. and Ray, C. G., eds.: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome,

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PRECAUTIONS: Suicide is a possibility in depressed patients and may remain

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tensive agents (Arfonad) followed within five to six

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Caution should also be used in patients with pulmonary, hepatic or renal insufficiency

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based on desired serum level and the principal determinants

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from heavily manured fields, or perhaps houses and barnyards. If, for