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reader. Although a few regular columns appear, it has not been the
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For economy's sake, they will generally be large, and probably with two
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makes recommendations regarding the funding of Florida Medical
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as intentional suffocation was a not uncommon manner
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ence of such impurities, and infiltration of such surface waters are ex-
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Student Journal Editors — In view of the high degree of success
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by the American Medical Association and the Florida
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Florida and in the nation: Recidivism rates of 50-55% 18
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menacing Earps, abetted by the slaughterous Doc Holliday,
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We regret that transmittal letters not containing the foregoing lan-
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it was a composite affection like the " typho-malarial fever" of the Ameri-
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retailer gives oleomargarine when asked for butter, or chicory when asked
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tem of dry removal is the proper plan for this colony. Whether this and the other
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coordination of these activities and no comprehensive state plan for
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unit was assigned to a small peer group. Each group met
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question. 18 Throughout the medieval period and on into
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caused, on an average, from 70 to 90 admissions per 1,000 of strength. In
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through an army ; the only plan is to separate all cases, and send them
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chiatric Diagnosis, New York, Brunner/Mazel Inc, 1977
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cause is now never seen. Another cause of dysentery was to be found in
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vanna, M.D., Dermatology Resident, University of Miami
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but the grant will allow it to have a central office in the
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abnormal hardness in a water justifies a suspicion of sewage contamination
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But not only should there be good ventilation, but the wards ought to
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convene, members of the Medical Party of the Revolution
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NOTE: If staining from either of the above products occurs, the stain
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convenience of and minimum expense to the physician.