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tertiary syphilis, which somewhat increase the total admissions.
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troops were at times very much crowded in barracks. Latterly they had
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Tables should be typed on separate sheets. Column headings
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missions at all the stations from primary venereal sore were 108.6 per
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sizes: 1 oz tube, Vfe oz tube, or the versatile, single-use
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medicine. Controlled or assisted respiration is common-
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However, swelling of endothelial cells lining small
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one story, stops again, then recalls something, chortles,
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to handle routine grievances that had been presented to it pursuant to
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most all were on the plains, near the mercantile towns, where the soil was
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(arrow). Note the portal vein (P) and dilated common hepatic duct (H)
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along with modular training are also efficient in the use of
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means in his power. There are, it is true, some few individuals who, by
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water taken is sometimes so great as not only to cover the loss of weight
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make it a convenient cooking utensil, and it is now in use in the Austrian
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Of course, bad or slippery roads, deep sands, heavy snows, jungle and
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or the refuse of trade and factory operations. Or sewers may be used
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made to resemble the genuine article. The plea which is always urged
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18. DeMuth, W.E.; Baue, A.E., and Odom, J.A.: Contusions of the Heart, J. Trauma 7:443-
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reaches his neighbor's lot without affording relief. The absorbent powers
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transverse grooves separated by the anterior scalene
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Bernhard VM, Towne JB (eds): Complications in Vascular
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borderline schizophrenia and borderline syndrome. In 1959,
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No signal service reports from Aiken are available, but those from At-
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of Psychiatry in general have changed as a matter of
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serim, and some of the islands down the coast toward Mergui, are beauti-
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stances, and it is presumed have the same effect as carbolic acid. The
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From the data available in the literature and our own
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days and two nights with only nine or ten hours' halt." This would be a