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analytic and eclectic modalities and pediatric neurology. Research
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The program recognized and supported the fact that a large
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the following conditions : — There should be — 1st, a porous soil ; 2d, an
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various forms are very helpful in the evaluation of
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"They have, therefore, adopted a sewerage system which is to be com-
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The cavalier surgeon was said to have been abusive of
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streams without previous purification, though now this practice is pro-
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could never be provided in this way ; water in large quantity must be laid
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technology has to offer. We are fascinated by them, and
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sea. On many occasions yellow fever has prevailed in this barrack, and
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the army from civil life comes under new conditions, which will require to
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1 Many of these facts are from an excellent Report by Assistant-Surgeon R. A.
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1001 W. Rosedale. Fort Worth, Texas 76104; 336-0446
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purpose, rather, is to report on the long-term outcome results
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with the exception of those items referred to other
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(2) administration of killed vaccine prior to live vaccine,
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have uncertain diagnosis, or have purulent joint effusions or
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occurring during radiographic examination. A preliminary report.
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Whereas, At this time, it would be unwise for organized medicine,
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a valve ; the solids fall into an iron receptacle at the back part of the pan.
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erous (in the cavalry and infantry of the line) than the average of deaths
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can define such characteristics as absorption, distribution, metabolism
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‘Diplomats American Board of Allergy & Immunology
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PREGNANCY: Pregnancy Category B Reproduction studies per-
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Thomson and associates. 3 Their data appear in Fig 1 . Lido-
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gradually being removed. It is still, however, a mooted question whether
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ABSTRACT: A retrospective 4 year study identified 40 patients with combined coronary and peripheral
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amount are properly made out. This arises partly from an occasional
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Mr. Latham (Lectures on Sanitary Engineering, delivered to the Royal Engineers
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Please reply to John C. O'Loughlin, MD, The Neurological Clinic, 1818