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for the Annual Fall Scientific Meeting of the Florida

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It is not easy to give a proper definition of climate. The effect of cli-

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Of these charcoal is the most effectual. It presents an immense sur-

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(a) Equable, limited, or insular climates ; i.e., with slight yearly and diur-

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adopted in several States ; but the changes that have been made are such

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200 mg sulfamethoxazole, fruit-licorice flavored — bottles of 16 oz

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II. 0%; also contains the following inactive ingredients: dibasic calcium

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pipe air to pass into the houses. At the junction of the house pipe and

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(c) Gaseous Air Purifiers. — The evolution of gases into the air is the

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and without sufficient reason all about the house. It is difficult to render

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Louisiana. — The State of Louisiana passed a law in July, 1882, pro-

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pounds has resulted in fatal poisoning, usually terminating in con-

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changed the traditional function of the County Medical

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not, have only two months remaining in their one-year make-up

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and stop the hemorrhage met with such repeated and unex-

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Office to the daily needs of practical hygiene is assuredly one of the most,

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stimulation, thus preventing reciprocation or echos

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render it impossible that the air shall be contaminated from

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physicians who completed the Family Practice Residency

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was the first Texas photographer awarded a fellowship by

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of the water, drying and weighing the residue. It can only be regarded

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slightly superior, and no further protection is afforded by

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3601 21st Street, Suite 5, Lubbock, Texas 79410; 806 792-2313

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chyma, which increase their discharge with lung inflation,

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There seems httle doubt that the exhaustion of muscles is chiefly owing

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not been established Use of this drug requires that the physician

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wrote six articles on scientific subjects. 2933 His profes-

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sants, including amitriptyline HCI, have been reported to produce arrhythmias,

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thrown in.”), and Tex Ritter's East Texanese (which was so

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Family doctors are settling in smaller communities.

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The spread of certain diseases is supposed to be intimately related to

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strong soldiersc arried the old regulation knapsack, service kit, great- coat,

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Africa Safari Seminar, Oct. 27-Nov. 10, Kenya, East Africa, For

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counties now only have an 85% ratio of hospital births. During 1977,

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seems to acquire in time a wonderful power of adaptation ; the Eskimos.

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ried by the men, the larger vessels being taken in turn by the men of