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hyperexcitability, muscle twitching, clonic and tonic generalized convulsions
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months to one year after the onset. Operation was done
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Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology, University of
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times temporarily mimicking it. This term (schizophrenia) has
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Foundation serving as guarantor. The Program continues in a
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Edition. Edited by Frank P. Brooks, M.D., 1978. 435
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22. Medieval Handbooks of Penance, McNeil, J. R. and Gamer, H. M.,trans., New York, 1938.
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doses Clinical significance of these findings is not known However, increased risk of cone
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shoulder, partly on the sacrum, and is also thrown forward in a line with
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ance. The Light Division march is so excessive (62 miles in twenty-six
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Adam's Mark Hotel, Houston. Fee TBA. Category 1 , AMA Physi-
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the muscle is detached superiorly from the clavicle
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medical evaluation of the patient is in order. Vulvar
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the coldest weather should be on hand. The general fault of hot-air fur-
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Hill, 1 was no exaggeration. Reports from the Lock hospitals at other
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cerebro-vascular accident. A fourth patient died four and
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lid should open the water- waste preventer cistern. In wash-out closets the
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TORIES, INC., Swlftwater, Pennsylvania 18370 or TAYLOR PHAR-
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have proved to be very effective in controlling coexisting
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Side by Side, The Poetry of Dorothy and Louis Alper,
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Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT)
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proceedings involving physician members. In reviewing most of these
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with subspecialty concentration in cardiology. He has been
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diploid cell rabies vaccine. JAMA 244:781 -784, 1980.
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The answer, it would appear, would be to recreate professionally supervised line agencies at the state level —
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Indies a farther distance is necessary. In China three-quarters of a mile
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