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tifically and treated with modifications of psychotherapeutic
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several cases basins on the floor have been provided for feet-washing, and
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and concurrent initiation of a constant infusion is commonly
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vices they offer as charged by the FTC. FMA fully concurs in the
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- The following note is given in the Queen's Regulations. 1881, p. 872 : "A Troop-
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Professor and Director, Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, UT
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improper vaccine storage resulting in virus inactivation,
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naires were returned by 73 (82%) of the 89 physicians in the
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David A. Nardone, MD. American College of Physicians, An-
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class can ever dispose of their sewage upon the land with a hope to pro-
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2500 West Sorth Street. Los Angeles. California 90057
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been known to have been seriously injured by drinking faced tea, the
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continually sending patients from the division and general hospitals with
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Critical Care Gastroenterology, Dec. 5-7, Contemporary Resort
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not meet the guidelines requiring that 100 percent of the active eligible
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be treated with tetracycline orally. Those unable to
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Special risk patients: Empirin with Codeine should be given with caution to certain patients such as the elderly or
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is given by Dr. Sutton as an appendix to the Second Annual Report of Births, Marriages,
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good precipitants. Chloride of calcium has also been recommended.
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E. Goodfellow in Judge Easton's court this afternoon was
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“Natural History”, which he wrote before his own sudden
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this, as in the plan of Messrs. Brooks & Son, of Huddersfield (see Fig. 92).
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Loading Dose (meg) = Cp (mcg/ml) x V c (ml/kg) (Equation 1)
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tion for all patients who undergo myocardial revasculari-
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awareness of the initial pathological leison which leads to
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and scarcely a report from a board of health fails to devote space to it,
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How to improve relations with the media? In Austin, the
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optimally treated patients with angina pectoris. However,
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knife, and using the left atrial appendage as the entry
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cause of insalubrity in India, has adduced good reasons for thinking that
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i.e., 37 deaths in 100 cases, or more precisely 37,143 deaths in 100,000 cases.
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evaporation. But leaves, dust, or insects sometimes choke this tube, so that
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remarked that the nitrates and nitrites are principally furnished by the
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effects of nitrite, and severe responses (nausea, vomiting, weakness, restless-
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men may possibly have left the army, was in action in the last period. It
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)uring this early stage, such symptoms are mild and
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advances seem to be in the refinement of diagnostic