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abrupt withdrawal may be associated with temporary increase in
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same time, so as to enable the acid to be more rapidly transformed.
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All of these contrivances are subject to failure from wear of moving
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this drug may precipitate or aggravate the serious complication of
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the circumstances of every locality must guide the decision, is not a com-
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not able to draw any conclusions regarding the program's
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Barbadoes and Trinidad contrast greatly in the freedom from marshes
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McCullough, Falls Church, Va; sisters, Mrs Arthur Dieterich,
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is about .6, and 6.6 deaths of every 100 are owing to nervous diseases.
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Clearwater Beach. For information: Donald R. Eubanks, M.D., 323
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oxygen in a given cubic space. Add to this fact that the respirations are
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5500 N. Braeswood, No. 177, Houston, Texas 77096; 713-729-6068.
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pressure cuff; consequently, accurate doppler pressures
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every 10 yearly, will be one of the healthiest spots in the world.
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commit the Faculty Manual to memory, might decide to
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diagnosed cases. It has been estimated that only about 25
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of the value of the different methods of water analysis, consider it of value
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M.D., Treasurer, 610 Highlawn Avenue, Elizabeth, Pa. 17022.
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relative value studies and to withdraw those already
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This report clearly indicated the impact of inflation on your
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is not entirely automatic, however, and needs frequent attention in divert-
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keep up the contract temperature of 15° C. (= 59° F.) The air is often then close and
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The water of artesian wells, it is stated, contains no oxygen. 4
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antibiotics transferred from mother to fetus. Prophylactic
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pers, and set of oxygen tanks. Then he and his wife, Rober-
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although the island is not marshy. It is not so frequent as formerly ; it
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in July, 1880, to 56° in March, 1881. The mean temperature for Novem-
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1,605 cubic feet; the ventilation is by the roof, and is formed by a louvre
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AMA Physician's Recognition Award. Contact Div of Continuing Ed-
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able. They are also liable to crack and allow of leakage from the cistern,
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subsequently going to the Tallahassee Hospital before
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phate, with or without potassium permanganate, has been recommended
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EKG Interpretation and Arrhythmia Management, Nov. 2-4, Don
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problems that confronted the St. Johns County Medical Society. At its
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Although we cannot assign its exact causative value, the occurrence of
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nitrogen tetroxide or nitrous acid (N0 2 ), are formed.
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resistant to the prophylactic antibiotics used. Extensive clini-
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rent on a percentage or fixed basis. Dean Peyton, 817 265-6561.
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staff coverage of its emergency room, staff physicians are