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pressure is recorded. One then measures the brachial
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by the Board of Trustees of the Texas Medical Association.
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soil is the result. Besides this consideration, the mere filling up of a wet
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pharmacologic effect. No known deaths or permanent adverse
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schooling and hospital experience and a lifetime habit of
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If it were not for the decidedly objectionable character of the filling
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for the spread of yellow fever ; the town is quite unsewered ; badly sup-
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The Council on Specialty Medicine held three meetings during this
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Of the 59 patients with metastatic disease, 35 were
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because it is easier, it is defensive medicine, or (Heaven
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one saturated current being at 40°, and the other at 60°, the resultant
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the kind termed " Dysenteria Incruenta " — the stools being copious,
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department also had from time to time as professors,
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be called A, by the formula {t is the temperature of the lower, and t' of the upper
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Five years ago the Florida T ask Force on Rheumatic
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ing of seventy-five per cent, of clay (alumina silicates) or a higher percent-
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accumulation of sodium ions within the cell. This reduces
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938 Services Available to Florida Physicians Through the Statewide
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liberal and varied war ration, which could be easily supplied under ordi-
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2. The weights must in no case compress the lungs, or in any way in-
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Basic Life Support, Feb. 29, Pasco-Hernando Community College,
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with the media. Improved communications have come about
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4 Ninth and Tenth Reports of the Medical Officers to the Privy Council. See es-
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should almost always be avoided Possibility that a woman of child-bearing potential ma
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hours. Contact Marilyn Rennels, Office of Continuing Education.
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Better food, some improvement in barracks, and the use of rain- instead
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been tried in India, and often apparently with very good results.
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The snow-line at any spot, or the height at which snow will lie the whole
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10. Trexler, R. C.: Infanticide in Florence: New Sources and First Results, Hist. Child. Quart.
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and more especially no disconnection between the house and the sewer, or
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tres of population, as Amsterdam, rain water is regarded as the best form
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work, to such an extent that rest and idleness may be welcomed as a