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more than any other. He also speaks of " diarrhoea febrilis." Can this

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sing discipline. In our own army in former years, it is impossible to

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Book”) 3 and by the U.S. Public Health Service Advisory

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sunk at one point, however deep, draws its supply from the water which

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mechanisms to insure the involvement of women physicians at

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In foul sewers a quantity of slimy matter collects on the crown of the

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able to destroy that terrible scourge, wliit'h already had made some victims."

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is recommended as the most satisfactory method of purifying it, the only

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is the use of a graduated infusion rate regimen. A number of

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attempts to remind the geriatric patient that he is not to

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Diagnostic tap was not done in others. A massive pleural

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them to be put together in almost all systems of nosology, although, with

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Florida’s private business. Sitting there listening, I was

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Opinion 78-6 — A physician may not ethically sell his patients’

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1859, states that it never could be discovered that gangrene originated in

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The cavalier surgeon was said to have been abusive of

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is owing solely to the sewerage or to the improved water supply, which is

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Cellars, Outhouses, Stables, etc. — Quicklime sprinkled about. White-

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primarily thiazides. Sore throat, fever, pallor, purpura or jaundice

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north ot Tyler. Medicare and Blue Cross approved. 45-bed hospital.

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sides of a ward (not wider than 24 feet, and containing only two rows of

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The plan provided that certificate forms be placed in physicians’

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In 1857 and 1858 the Bengal Government ordered standard plans to be

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for consideration by the Council on Medical Services

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Precautions Prolonged use of antibiotics may promote over-

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tions and peculiarity of thought content and its presentation,

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at both places there was formerly much drinking, but that is now less. In

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"Bombay fever," "Coolie fever," etc. The last term denotes the communi-

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tact Marilyn Rennels, Office of Continuing Education, UTHSC at San

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