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and this is much more the case when the crown of the tooth is free from

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a dreadful degree. At last, two or three days before her death, there

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of the case of an old gentleman who took an ounce of quicksilver for

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urine is submitted to Reinsch's test it is preferable to previously evaporate it down

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that he will almost certainly recover the greater part of his former vision,

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Forty cases of this description have entered the hospital in the course

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division of the jaw just behind the molar teeth in such cases. When the tumour

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paths, which actually renders them delightful walks, wholly divested of

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especially in acute paroxysmal cases, and may be repeated several times in

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the distress and anxiety of breathing became extreme. No other in-

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which was thought to place it out of the power of the good people.

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uncertain means by which to attempt to cure any form of goitre. The

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which do them a positive injury, is in the ratio of eighty-seven to every

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was adopted by the Washington County (N. Y.), Medical Society in

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have the benefit of nerve- stroking and frictions, since many cases of both

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tice a very fair trial, with every disposition to see it succeed, and,

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States, the 20th of February, 1837, the Secretary of the Treasury asked

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Medical Miscellany, — The cholera has re-appeared at Naples. Of the

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whitish, opaque, or chalky appearance ; the dentine, on the other hand, when

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orders that could be mentioned ; and were the world to be deprived of

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If the tongue is sometimes red and thickened when this membrane is in-

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either directly to the limbs or by means of alternating currents in an

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structure of a lymph gland. This is known as lymphosarcoma, and arises

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and the consequent injunctions of her spiritual director, led the young

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disposition of the patient, and the advice he receives or follows. When the

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of the membrane being those near the os uteri and os externum.

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intrinsic worth of character, as on the score of great professional

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