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of aneurysms of the arch or of the large vessels Avithin the thorax, or

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ease in adults. The patient may be well nourished, but more often there

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Varieties. — Taenia Solium [Pork Tape-tvorm). — This Avorm is seen

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may be full and soft, even though the patient be practically moribund.

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There is a certain amount of risk in injuring the ureters in remov-

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gous to those of the liver, the chronic congested ("pig-backed") and

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salicylate (.5j to 5J — 4.0 to 32.0) has been recommended, while an ethereal

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traction, entangled in the cicatricial tissue surrounding the suprarenal

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The essential lesion is a productive inflammation of the bronchi and

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spasm is painless, though there are certain sensitive points, as where the

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acter to those observed in the joints, and innumerable areas of necrosis,


the splenic flexure of the colon may be mistaken for moderate enlarge-

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" Extremely well gotten up, and the illustrations have been selected with care. The

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grave forms of cardiac, hepatic, or renal disease these must receive care-

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appears, and soon predominates. Red and yellow softening are found

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inflammation has obliterated the lumen of the canal, it is readily

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the patient, when perfect mobility of the affected joint is noted. When

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posure. ((?) Sex. — Women are more susceptible than men. (d) Occupa-

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in Avhich he favors the affected side by leaning toward it. There is a

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anxiety is best relieved by a cheerful demeanor on the part of the

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Cramer has recently reported a case in which the pericapillary spaces

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of the diseases and conditions which it accompanies.

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If a special article of diet or an overloaded state of the stomach is

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Diagnosis. — Should the abscess tend to burrow downward, the

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plains the most unpleasant feature of the affection — namely, the hor-