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2 F-E-P Creme (Plain) is the regular formulation, but without

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sewer, and yet such underground conduits are indispensable.

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are neatly patched and the abdominal wall restored with su-

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can be detected. There almost seems to be something in the fatigues

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Drift, and were deposited at a period when a large part of eastern North

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Alabama Medical Center, Mobile, AL 3661 7, and H. Koffler. MD. Department

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luxury, but the benefit is so great, that bath-rooms should be considered

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viewed as a compromise operation since the long-term

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reason for transfer, I question seriously his desire to help

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ser, indeed, protecting the leg quite down to the ankle, seems to be as good

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F*eptic ulceration and gastrointestinal bleeding, sometimes severe, have been

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throw the drip from the roof outward, so that the water may not sink under

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following FMA recognized allied health professions:

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drogenase deficiency, hemolysis, frequently dose-related, may

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were 8.3, and the deaths were 1.67, per 1,000 of strength. 1 It is curious

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Blocus de Metz, 1872, Chauffard, Academie de Medecine).

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Of the specific diseases, small-pox and the other exanthemata are com- 1

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(dp/dt) in the laboratory and on a small group of patients.

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of an aura of validity. The message logically pursued is in

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fin serious, life-threatening infections, oral preparations of the

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relief of acute agitation, tremor, delirium tremens and

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11 Basta, L.L.; Takeshita, A.; Theilen, E.O., and Ehrenhaft, J.L.: Aneurysmectomy in

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modified by the court so that societies could deal with the

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Professor of Hygiene in the University of Pennsylvania.

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factor analysis of the symptoms of more than 800 patients

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posed. At one time it was the custom to bleed the men on the voyage, so

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enteric fever and 22 deaths in the whole army of 87,000 men. In the four

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This is a very important climatic condition. The effect on the body is

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disease ; of the West Indian troops (black) only 1 was killed, while 41 died of disease.

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