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which is never seen in non-malarious districts, and is therefore merely

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pm means in these select patients is necessary to insure

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culty, shortness of breath, breathlessness, respiratory collapse,

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Schiebler and the production of such special issues as

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the Demolay but he did not go further in the Masonic

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are occasionally forgotten once the immediate crisis is

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old persons require much artificial warmth, in addition even to abundant

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vascular disease. Three had had peripheral procedures

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time you experience a spectrum of cases some physicians do not encounter in a lifetime, where you work without

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rent cystitis as a result of its wide spectrum and dis-

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Many can live satisfying lives in the community. However, before discharge from the institutions they

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tions were made immediately following surgery and on

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lives in Cuba, our families, our political philosophy,

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southwest monsoon, the climate is perhaps the most equable in the world.

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from a 1978 speech by Jonathan E. Gaines, when he was

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present System of carrying the Accoutrements, Ammunition, and Kit of Infantry

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tion with 1 0% whole leaf tobacco extract in a larger series of

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impair mental and/or physical abilities required for the performance of hazardous tasks.

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son, Noyes, Meissner, Pavy, Parkes, and others. At present the subject is being in-

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in the absence of other possible causes for it, and a further investigation

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wide and 24 feet high, runs lengthwise through the middle. There are six-

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are beginning to draw attention to this problem (see New England Journal

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later, the patient continued to exhibit an excellent result

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Spanish), Dec. 3-7, Hotel Intercontinental, Miami.*

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School and the Hospital. The following is a brief report