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cause, and member grieved. «« being the signe of the sixt, is fixed,

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used Melancholia as a collective term for insanity, without regard to

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may be noticed, though it is open to still greater objections ; it is

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largements had diminished, there was a general improvement, and the

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increased pigmentation in the neighbouring skin, or even over parts at

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sends down long, narrow processes between the papillae, and this produces

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Partly to obviate the evils of the existing system, it is advisable that

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as they are of wretchedness for the patient ; and in many of them the

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to murder his wife or his child. He is horror-stricken at the thought of

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since, is that of — 4. Binswanger, 0. Die Pathologie und Therapie der Neurasthenie,

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senile periods must be directed towards building up a condition of

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exceptionally met with ; but in cases of tonic spasm of the orbicularis

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of bromides than from the fits themselves. In alcoholic cases I think the

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(iv.) Alteration In the emotions. — The functions known as the

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seem to be effective by reason of a disposition which is as much beyond

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The former disease is divided by Sabouraud into two main groups,

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stopped for twenty-four hours, and then resumed. The surest test of

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(City), hard by the Gresham College and next door to the

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6. Replace the stylet with the loop of the wire outside the point

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easily produced, and the moist forms predominate. In others exudation

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with fibrous tissue, and sometimes with dilated plexiform vessels.

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the true spontaneous type, but was secondary to some growth or disease

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symptoms. A local injury not infrequently starts such hysterical affection

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an arch in an ivy-mantled rock, in a secluded dingle, to his

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shy of mortals, that journal was started when the bleeding

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by Jove, and the thunder the angry rolling of his car. It

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their application, which have been tried and recommended by different

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none was given to that of man. This attempt to improve

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the agent does not reach the parasite. A way into the follicles must

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acke, pensivenes, solitarines. Kings and noble men have

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out delay ; and should be done three or four times in the twenty-four

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severe diarrhoea no intestinal lesions have been found

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acts, gestures, or words of those about him refer to the patient ; or

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In some cases an anaesthetic may be required. The micro-cautery has

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cutaneously in doses of one-tenth to one-sixth of a grain, has been success-

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deliberately sets herself to seduce every man with whom she is brought

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2nd ed. 1884, p. 862. — 9. Crocker, Radcliffe. Diseases of the Skin, 2nd ed. — 10.

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Welch. Amer. Jour, of Med. Sci. Nov. 1891, vol. cii. p. 441. — 74. Wells, S. Russell,

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Bevan Lewis that the alcoholism was almost exclusively limited to the

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defects in both. Those in favour of the neurotic origin of the disease