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of phosphatic calculi; but these harmless articles have never come
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count of those abnormities of the cutaneous circulation which arise
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deeper and deeper below the surface ; it advances from the skin to
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completed by adding a few drops of oxygen water. If blood is present,
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those of mastication, and which are marked by paroxysmal period?
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vene. The patient complains of pressure in the prsecordium, draws
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infected. More rarely aspiration of the maternal discharges
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tion which they exert upon nutrition. The nervines which have the
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sores prove dangerous, partly from the drain on the system, partly
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take place, seem to indicate that while the conditions peculiar to
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several cases of acute pneumonia, but here again this may be
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domen, the dysuria and tenesmus, are present in the former as well
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2. If the germs have gained entrance into the body, how
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which the patient voluntarily placed them prior to its commencement,
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have a temperature of 103. 7 to-morrow morning, and to-morrow even-
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of a solution of bromide of potash ( 3 jss vj) colored with indigo.
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amount of centrifuging appears to have some influence, as, if
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transformation from a condition of the utmost distress to one of rela-
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finger nail ; and the prostate is in the bladder. The right
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flammation of the mucous membrane but no removable local
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In congestive hyperaemia resulting from compression of the jugular
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A far more serious but less common complication is the extension of
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various dilutions of the tuberculins. They are said to be pre-
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with rubber padding round the upper edge. This was no
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SYMPTOMS AND COURSE. Complete separation of a nerve from
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features presented, and from observing the effect of treat-