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for the face, iron gags, chaining on plank floors, etc. By using these
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dicated in chronic bronchitis not connected with emphysema. The treat-
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group, death takes place between six months and a year; in a third group
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Fees: Matriculation $5.00. First and second years, each
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System which so often tax the sVill of the Physician.
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ful ; but counter-irritation by means of blisters, or other severe applications
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nutritious food given in small quantities at a time, together with alcoholic
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a mucous membrane. It very rarely occurs save as a sporadic disease, in
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ficulty, and which by many had been supposed to be insurmount-
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A brief enunciation of views seemingl}^ most consistent with our present
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hyperemia is attributed to relaxation from paralysis, and, on the other
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From that time the unfavourable symptoms gradually lessened,
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have reference to its pathological relations. In the great majority of
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^^Y^^^'^Ta^^At I ;^ / whiskey and morphia is a great desideratum, and this we find
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sick. The man was not fond of cheese, and had eaten but lit-
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direct the patient to stand with his feet close together,
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by a low form of disease, the characteristic feature of which is to
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enic management. Tonics, to be efficacious, should be continued for a
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agency which can be brought to bear upon' the errors or vices of
particulars connected with them calculated to throw light upon
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foration generall}^ takes place after the ingestion of a meal, or in the act
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who had preceded him in the same struggle for advancement.
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Obstetrics and Diseases of Children— K. P. Davis,
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a defect in articulation or the loss of memory of words. Aphonia occurs