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negar, fpirit of wine fimple or camphorated, anfwer

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out of the cote with the dung of the Iheep, and laid

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In the earliest period medicine and religion developed together, the

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Diagnosis. — The conditions under which thermic fever occurs are a

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phthisis are seldom associated, but probably for the reason that the age

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Atrophic beriberi. — In this the muscles, particularly and in-

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than the problem of arthritis in its various forms. To group them all

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Site — ^In all cases the disease originated in the antrum.

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well marked. Dyspnoea may be noticed, if the ascites is extreme.

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according to the feafon of the year. In fpring, there

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ly into the skin of a patient with a fully developed rash, caused the latter

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he is apt to entangle his legs fo as to fall. Pinned

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almost thread-like. As the joints become older, and therefore further

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pality or district believes that such ])erson is. or may be, infecteii

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0-043 mm.) appear in the urine, and are diagnostic of the condition. These

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fliould, if polVible, be brought to fuppurate, left the

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be arranged in collaboration with those Departments for Systematic lectures and

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pality or district believes that such ])erson is. or may be, infecteii

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closed by an old cicatrix ; in the other, the pancreatic ducts were dilated

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fo well ; and when he is worn out with fervice, he is

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In a fine horfe, the head muft be lean and deridSi',

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Children, however, are always somnolent. Bronchitis or pneumonia may

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and the kidney epithelium often shows degenerative changes post-mortem.

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the large and small intestine were affected; in about a fifth, the large

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of the usual seat of syphilitic lesions. Syphilitic processes being outside

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disease or iridocyclitis are referred early to an oculist or to the ophthalmic

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the ligaments and muscles, the natural curves becoming lost in a general

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epithelioma, is characterised by the same appearances remarked on in

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tain one or more bacilli, but in most cases the bacilli are near but not

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superficial epithelium, as well as the continued enlargement of the papilla?,

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through the firft winter, which is the moll danger-

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followed by cachexia, more liable to assume pernicious characters, and

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do no hurt; which is faying not a little of a medicine.

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Local peritonitis. — The diet must be fluid and light until a day or