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Reference, ed 34. Oradell, NJ, Medical Economics Co, 1980)

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Table similar to the one above, for 6 years, 1871-76.

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Texas Tech Campus, 4th & Indiana, Lubbock, Texas 79430

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It is more likely in the severely ill. with urine volume

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tion was thrown into the cesspools common to all the regiment ; and in

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offer to make these available to local county medical societies and

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rate of about 400% during 1978. A total of 1,147 cases had been

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Such a high operative risk is truly unacceptable. More re-

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is that of a man engaged in manual labor in the free air, and that the

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Dispensary, the first of its kind in the United States, and

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lin, immense hospitals, with railways and every appliance, were fitted up.

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Texas Society of Child Psychiatry, Akumal, Yucatan, March 26-29

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this, the disease cannot always be avoided. The Federal Americans were

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the minimum wage. In addition, a large majority opposed

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- It is owing to this rule that in French hospitals, artificially ventilated and warmed

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the climate is as yet imperfect, but it appears to resemble that of Malta,

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to the year 1873, since which time the detailed returns have been discon-

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line on the vernier be made to correspond with a line on the scale, the

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outdated facts that have “long since . . . ceased to exist."

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forehand by a clear recognition of what accommodation would be granted

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when I cannot make a patient well,” remarked John P.

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Skin flaps are then developed in all four directions,

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The doctors are asked either to justify the hospital stay