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4S fractions in the 66 patients with detectable ER are
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4. Proposed Impaired Physician Program. Pursuant to the
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proverbial stupidity of the athleta?. Deficient exercise causes a heightened
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frequency and/or severity of seizures. Advise against simulta-
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ness into three general categories: psychosis, neurosis, and
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Current Concepts in Pulmonary & Infectious Diseases, Oct. 19-
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No ostensible cause for the appearance of the disease, except communication through
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Lichtenstein, Lt. Col., MC, USAF, Chief, Division of
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gradient, producing an immediate and persistent depo-
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compile a treatise on the medicinal resources of the
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of the tranquil muscle becomes acid from para-lactic acid and acid potas-
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with great humidity of the atmosphere, so that evaporation from the skin,
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placed. The lightning-rod should be at least three-quarters of an inch
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chiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The University of Texas Medical School at
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space. 6 Roentgenographically, pneumothorax as seen in the
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sufficient force to clear it. An essential condition of the efficiency of
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s Great importance has been attached to the meteorological condition attending out-
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of methods for the investigation of the jaundiced patient. The
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1. Deficient Water, the Rainfall being uncertain. — The new wells near the
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poisoning, it may be doubted if this is due to vegetable emanations only.
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manner. The patient was again taken to surgery and the
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show less mortality than the non-commissioned officers and privates, and