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In 1859 there was an outbreak of yellow fever, and the deaths from

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held to prove that something is wrong with the mode of getting rid of the

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Dospan (diethylpropion hydrochloride) controlled-release: One 75 mg.

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we will need 34,560 physicians by the year 2000. Applying

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Designed to provide credit hours indicated when completed

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similar to that of met hie 1 1 li n against penicillin G-resistant

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Mar. 2, Sheraton Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale. For information: International

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fire is moderated. In an hour and a half the soup is ready. Pots to cook

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4. Aid to deserving indigent or destitute physicians in need of

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manipulation used in 35 patients was done. Response to

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The ingenious system of forwarding detailed reports at a minimum

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Subscription Rate: $12.00 per year, single copy $1.50 (plus 4%

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not throw the risk on the friends and neighbors of the soldier.

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the alimentary canal, chiefly indigestion ; at present these have lessened,

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cutting off the airway or the blood supply to the head, (b)

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combinations of lesions. This suggests that the annual

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ego, and years of scientific observation lend support to these

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TWN-K taken on an empty stomach in undiluted doses larger than

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trimethoprim and 400 mg sulfamethoxazole — bottles of 100 and

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which the serum bilirubin falls more than 5 mg/dl is accom-

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febrile patients into a building, merely because it is called a hospital, when

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whites” (profuse periods), rheumatism, malaria, oph-

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fine shavings saturated with the same solution placed under the hips, to

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