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American Cancer Society, Washington, DC, April 23-25, 1 981

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A set of examinations conducted under similar conditions in this coun-

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100 steps are returned to. But the soldiers themselves often set the step ;

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closets oftentimes are found with no connection with the outer air, located

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privy vault. The most convenient mode of testing whether any connection

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has given analyses which prove that small filters may be nearly useless. It

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particular. In Great Britain they are known as "moors" or "heaths,"

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physician’s qualifications to perform plastic surgery, it is

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have been noted but are not clinically significant, probably being related to relief of anxiety

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The soil is constituted of variously sized fragments of mineral and or-

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1 The Bivers Pollution Commission (6th Beport, p 284) advised the closing of all the

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crease the probability of program participants being

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1 Hair shortens when dry, and elongates when nioist.

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physicians within a larger organization, such as a hospital,

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1 For brevity, it is customary to speak of serving in Bengal, Bombay, or Madras,

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those epochs of great mortality which the West Indies have had. Hepatic

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(particularly night guards — Roberts), but also very largely to habits of

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proportions ; the deadly mists which cling round and poison the very basis

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extrapyramidal symptoms, syncope, changes in EEG patterns

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The observations at Lisbon, which Lyons has recorded, show no relation

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Washington, DC; Editor, Modern Medicine; Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine,

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diarrhea (in approximately 1 out ot 20 patients treated), nausea and vomiting

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The highest maximum temperature is reported from Southwestern Ari-

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which influence immediately the pulmonary circulation and the lungs them-

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possible explanations for these infant deaths. But still

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gaged in the futile business of beating a dead horse.”

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Lewy R: Preventive Primary Medicine: Reducing the Major

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Selby Jr., M.D.; Peter V. Moulder, M.D., FACS; and James A. Alexander, M.D.

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followed shortly thereafter by live vaccine. In the

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ceedingly palatable, often more soft to the taste, and more clear and spark-

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pressure is maintained by constriction of systemic vessels

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Research continued during the early 20th century as

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game. So here I am, stuck serving on a Mediation Panel

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But it’s not surprising, because API is the only company

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