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the hopper being of the form formerly much used for water-closets.

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which would explain many phenomena of the contagious diseases, and has

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19. Knstersson, S.; Lindell, S. E., and Svanberg, L.: Prediction of Pulmonary Function Loss

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Training Institute on Addictions, Dec. 9-14, Deauville Hotel, Miami

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in keeping with the criteria stated in HB 282 which was

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higher level. These two processes are, therefore, examined separately,

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9% of those with proven diagnoses (Fig. 2). This yield

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water with excreta. The exclusion of excreta from sewers, as far as it can

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atypical disease. 1 There are also times when urine cultures

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year and was installed during the FMA annual meeting in

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For information: Ken Mead, Post Office Box 1990, Daytona Beach

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periods of great exertion. An increase in the supply of oxygen is a neces-

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Joseph A. de Cenzo, M.D., of Miami, sing an original creation about the FMA. 5, Mrs.

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learning individual skills through modular training, it

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have suggested that arrhythmias are responsible for this

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7 Houzeau, Comptes Rendus. lxxxiii., 525 ; Schloesing & Munz, ibid., lxxxiv., 301 ;

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affairs, on probability ; and endeavor to remove those conditions which, in

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data. This last class has, in a great measure, been removed by competi-

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hypersensitivity to penicillins or in those with a history ol allergy, asthma, ha

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weather sunsets," " doubtful sunsets," and " foul-weather sunsets." These

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can instill in the patient a sense of the necessity that he

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Anticholinergic Disturbance of accommodation, paralytic ileus, urinary retention, dilatation

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which we are so much indebted both to the Smithsonian Institution and to

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patients. 1 his attitude does not seem unreasonable,

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persons whom he or she will accept as patients and also to

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surgical injury occurring on or about July 17, 1973.

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used in the proportion of 1 gallon of the strong commercial solution to 20

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to the conditions of war, ought not a soldier to be considered in the light