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Ph D., Victor W. Rodwell, Ph.D., and Peter A. Mayes, Ph.D., D. Sc.
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find how well even phthisical persons will bear great changes of temperature,
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a false notion of accustoming him to them, he had been obliged to wear
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and at stations where observations are made only once a day, viz., at 9 A.M., or even
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studies do not diagnose ulcerated plaques or moderate
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sicians to work from one to one-and-a-half hours each week.
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will be noticed hereafter. The Barrack Improvement Commissioners 6 also
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Some, used in cisterns or other receptacles for water supplies, consist simply
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a little lessened in all directions, it would be a very good tent. Dr. Parkes
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renal function tests, particularly where there is impaired renal
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Dr. O. Frank Agee to complete the unexpired term from
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the number of streams (which have all been converted into sewers), and of
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The AMA has been a most effective advocate of its physi-
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Insect Sting Kits — The Board reviewed the Council’s report
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Over this vast section of country signal stations have been established,
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ity of life so great, that it is no wonder great consequence is now attached
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fire in the barrel, and keep it alight until all the wood is burnt ; there will then be
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teristic long, smooth branching linear radiolucent arboriza-
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Hospital, Orlando, 23; Halifax Hospital and Medical
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that the mineral impurities are usually larger than in the case of pond and
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centration of 1 mcg/ml is maintained. Thus, a loading dose
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over the age of 40 participated. The compliance rate was 79% and 10.9% of the returned specimens on an
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essentially marsh soils ; they' will be more fully discussed under that head-
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Beach. Henry J. L. Marriott, M.D., St. Anthony’s Hospital, St.
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moderation. The allowance per man per diem should never be more than
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7777 Southwest Freeway, St. 934, Houston, Texas 77074;
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sufficient change in either to account for the alteration, unless the abolition
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Humanhood: Essays in Biomedical Ethics by Joseph Fletcher
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required by the demand of American patients requires
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dulation is 90°. In some parts of Canada, immense undulations sometimes
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were used this is perhaps possible. In the Italian war of 1859, the French
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caused by air in the cellular tissues and was sometimes due