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"A Message to Members of Congress," says that medical care costs during

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Psychiatry & Neurology donald l. paulson, md, facs

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ment of a rigid discipline in its administration, and is, therefore, better

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patients. Mildly elevated SGOT levels (less than 100 units) have been

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typhoid deaths per 10,000 living have fallen from 9 to 2 ; in Munich, from

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throat epithelium of scarlet fever ; the skin and bronchial secretions of

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Cardiac Pacing, J.W. Harthorne & H . J . Th. Thalen, eds. Martinus Nijhoff Med. Div. The

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The Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia and Severe Depression,

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low as 29°, and white frosts may occur in the early morning in the coldest

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Neill, Houston; sons, Archibald Stewart McNeill IV, Austin,

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be overlooked amidst the presenting problems of a patient

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Ratio of Delegates In compliance with provisions of the

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another active year for the Committee on Peer Medical Utilization

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