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down certain standards of purity, or limits beyond which a water must be
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Subtract from the monthly mean of the maximum and minimum de-
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medical and nursing skills, having current capabilities of
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profit is the motive but a point eventually must be
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of the liver. If silicate of soda has such an effect, may not some of the
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planting the seeds of future pestilence, while seeming to promote the wel-
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American Pediatric Society, San Francisco, April 28-May 2, 1981
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6 Jensen, N.K.; Schmidt, W.R. and Garmella, J.J.: Funnel Chest: A New Corrective
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marked insomnia, irritability, hyperactivity, and personality changes
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family practice residency programs may have arrested at
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great causes of diseases, and are still so to some extent.
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Ozone. — It has been proposed to disengage ozone constantly into the
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rating power is also increased by the higher temperature.
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deep) and separated from it by a dry gravel and loam. After this date
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colonoscopic examination. According to Miller, 22 a
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Somewhat different from the alluvial is the soil of certain districts, such
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5. Better sewage arrangements, and more attention generally to sani-
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Sporotrichosis is a well known entity, especially in the Mid-
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2 It is based on a very wide experience, and should not be set aside by the state-
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ground, the trainees’ evaluation of the residency, accessi-
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555 Pages. Annual Reviews, Inc., Palo Alto, California, 1979.
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and rain ; a box is unnecessary ; they should not be touched with the fingers
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mopericardium occurred between two hours and 16 days.
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fix any exact temperature ; for new-born children a temperature of 65° to
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board — just for doctors. But we (the media) are not an in-
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barometric fall, at first ; but when the barometer had fallen 11 inches, the
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mortality at four days, 75% at two weeks and 90% after
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with effect, and to act his part in that machine, where something of mechani-
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digestive affections (not hepatitis). Hepatitis and cholera cause few admis-
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and then slanting to a central pole. Diameter of base, 14 feet ; height, 10
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sive care unit are not routinely done. The supine view of the
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— The value of irrigation following the application of silver nitrate is