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denuilcents, and emollients ; the Chemical, escharo-

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amputation usually retain the sensation of their lost limb, still

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British Medical Journal.] DR. RADFORD ON CtESAREAN SECTION.

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me that he had been suffering from a local affection,

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riu-al districts. Eather more than eight in 100 died

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doctors of diArinity, or of laws, from using the title of

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culi, greatly obscures their transvei-se mai-kings. But

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the medical school. It is on this account, also, that

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' Took it ! what have you done with it ? ' 'lafe it, Sir ! you

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to about 800° Fahi-. To attain this uniform tempera-

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nature, or to the same extent, in the new-born infant as

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the same colour and consistency as at first. A great

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protraction. At this time, I had no tables to guide

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latter is almost exceeding all belief in comparison with its former

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packet was properly labelled. The late IVIi-s. Yyse of

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the copious perspii-ation that wUl cvire in the latter

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di-essing ; namely, 1, di-y Unt on the bone ; 2, a circu-

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found at another page. It will be at once seen, that

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primary disease, declared the sore to be sypMhtic ;

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Now, as regards the first allegation ; that appears

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cealment ; or some indecent act, stripping in females,

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jailer for a long time played the part of a special-

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the face." Alexander laughed, and said that he had smashed its

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the discovery and assertion of itself; and Science, if

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sensibiLity was much impaired, the sole being quite

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tion of one of the vertebra' in a case of jjartial dislo-

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leaving the rice-marshes beliind me, the croaking of

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pain is excited, and putrid matters are retained on

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waiting a little, the pulsation returned, though feeble, and

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the passage became closed, and, by consequence, the

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the metal is apt to become coated with it, which is of

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those precious stores in a building, to be specially erected for

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Journal, vol. xvi, i>agc 497.) In aU these, distinct

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the same, in many respects, as occur in cases of inflamma-

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placenta presenting ; the edge of which I could not reach

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with the palm iipijermost ; and it was known amongst

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serum collected between it and the arachnoid. The quan-

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praxis can be fairly shown during that period, I be-

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in this : that, whether in conducting a scientific in-

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years, states any lateral deviation to be extremely