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would affect the nervous system of the normal child. Bed-wetting may
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catharsis, nitroglycerin, and potassium iodid. This treatment
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17. Hall, C. S., and Lind, R. E.: Dreams, Life and Literature:
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phasizes the necessity of depending on an intensive application of the so-
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frame of reference for the use of EMG (electromyog-
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to the Statewide specialty societies recognized by the
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clinical work in the third and fourth years of a medical course.
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is placed upon a milk diet for a few days. Betanaphthol seems to work
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propaganda and thus to antagonize manufacturers of nos-
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bulging of the parenchyma. The cut surface has a grayish-purple color,
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F. E. Bunts exhibited a large intraligamentary fibromyoma of the
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payable to: J. Beinhorn, enclose stamped, seif-addressed
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C E. Ford, M. D. S. W. Kelley, M. D. T. Sollmann, M. D.
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contrary to be the case, at least in the majority of instances.
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2. The absolute amount of work zvhich the two kidneys can
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packages of four syringes, Syringe A being of the composition mentioned
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land Medical Library, Friday, March 8th, 1912, the Chairman, F. C. Waite,
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received about 100 milligrams per kilogram of caffein the vascu-
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lis maximus; Iodococcus vaginatus ; Spirillum sputigenum;
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basis with 100-150 mg /day and may be increased to 200
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applicant requests the name of some doctor, whose services
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tory. There was a decided drop in tension in both cases. One case was
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camphor dissolved in oil substituted. As to opiates, their use forms an
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— y »• .|»Mt orwWl««rt«, ,«^ "»«rl,»™ri.„rf hard-
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fore they leave the sick room. 4, The nurse and physician should
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organs. Curettage preliminary to extensive plastic work
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tions or unusual manifestations of drug idiosyncrasy
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caid: The number of physician visits increased more for
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gall bladder; ten for acute lesions with elevated temperatures
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tissue, vitamin and mineral supplements, and noncaloric
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forty-one of the number being dead. All running the rapid course
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losses, after intraocular lens implantation. The injuries
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see full prescribing information. Merck Sharp & Dohme. _
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tured from bacilli grown in some kind of broth." His views con-
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nile rheumatoid arthritis, Acta rheum, scandinav. 15: 99 (1969).
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early diagnosis and proper treatment of complications in labor
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mind the proprietary article, pharmacists feel obliged to dispense
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The same may be said in regard to alcohol ; if they knew its
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predominant posterior lobe hyper- and hypoactivity, and that there is