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one dollar vaccination fee once in five to ten years when if com-

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very frequent, and it is believed that many strepto- and staphylo-

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of things, in fact, is a decidely pessimistic individual. Melancholy mood, a

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As regards the stratigraphic distribution of plaques in the

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out, but a special class are markedly influenced by school life or

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The Clark Ward for Children of the Massachusetts Ho-

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The Winter Session begins during the first week of October of each year, and

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gory of hundreds of public institutions in whole or in part under

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arsenic being a time honored remedy for certain types of

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The general condition of the patient must be greatly improved

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urea as well as causing an increase in the oxyhsemaglobin of the

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Committee of Education and in the Council, to balk the attempt, and thus override the

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duration as the result of apoplexy in a subject seventy years of

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enough fines to meet these expenses, he was to pay any additional expense out of his own

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recall what she has read as well. Simple addition she does readily

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shall not be shaken by winds or floods, because it will be founded

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mother has to brace herself against such a weight and uncon-

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practice, to begin with the second year of study, (d) That proof of attendance on not less

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Contagion and Infection. The questions of contagion

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tion, joining together in a free and flexible union the forces of

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he was taking, it was his duty to say, " These have got to stop, or I stop working for you."

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Boston University School of Medicine Alumni at the Pittsburgh A. I. H.

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who entered it in a book beside the number' of the prescription ; then Miss Day would


"the homceopathic diet." Those who are unfamiliar with this de-

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of Dr. Jennie G. Purmort. The Connecticut position pays a thousand

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portant, the people then as now subsisting mostly on vegetables.

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chaemia resulting in necrosis of tissue and permanent disability.

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there should be a warrant for that ex])enditure. If there is no warrant to the Disci i)line

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but also to those thereafter to come into existence." There are some other clauses in this

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other cities or states are given, each of which shows the same

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tion. The activities of the entire institution will be under the

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was one of delayed or repressed menstrual flow due to incapacity

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only one positive, unique indication for so doing, the effect of which

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position, probably from unequal tension of the muscles. The tongue pro-

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