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eyes and in the ear lobe are measured simultaneously. 15 I f

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sometimes, but rarely reaching fifty per cent., and ranging downward to

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A very important move was made in 1881, when the State legislature

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5. Walther PC, Kaplan GW: Cystoscopy in children: indications for its use in

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In arranging lines of huts, as much external ventilation and sunlight

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used in patients with open angle glaucoma who are receiving

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W. Sanderson Grizzard, M.D., Mr. Stephen Gordon, and Elise Torczynski, M.D., Department of

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pulse (standing) before marching was on an average 88 ; after 35 minutes

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tions, there are long periods of inaction during which men could eat food

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been criticized as adding another bureaucratic layer

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media. This represents a significant advance for the Association, and is

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tual matter, illustrations, tables) used. Short verbatim quotations in

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attended these meetings and reported on the activities and concerns of

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clusive when diagnosed by DSM III criteria. This is clearly

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water not only kills the algas present, and precipitates them from the

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disappear on continued medication or on decreasing dose In a sample of about 3.500 anxious

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trations, thus combating migration of pathogens into

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As of mid-November 1 980, supplies of HDCV are sufficient

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soil, with the view of bringing it as speedily as possible under the influ-

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tions were made immediately following surgery and on

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monary embolectomy by the Trendelenburg technique (with-

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areas of medical prescribing: 5 (1) Use topical steroids only

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similar materials. They are particularly noticeable around the Great

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In a second form the men are exposed to continued heat, 1 both in the

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only remains to note one or two of the climatic points associated with

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French AP, Berlin IN (eds): Depression in Children and Ado-

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7 Glancy, D.L ; Yarnell, P., and Roberts, W.C.: Traumatic Left Ventricular Aneurysm.

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ducts suspended in water from houses, or to carry away rain. Among the

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L. Wayne Kirk and M. Lee Gunter, 7887 Katy Freeway, Suite 255, Houston 77024 Telephone (713) 682-8024

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common error is illustrated by the annexed cut (Fig. 119), where a wash-

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Immediately following Goldfarb, the AMA commenced re-

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in Eussia and Norway. A human hair, freed from fat by digestion in

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author’s) highest hope is that all details of the work, by

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lation of 1,000 persons would thus pass daily 156 lb of solids and 260 gallons