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4,000 foot and 60 squadrons (Coxe's Life of Marlborough, v. 10-21).
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General Duties on Marches in India or the Colonies. — Before commencing
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Actions: The pharmacologic actions of theophylline are as a bronchodilator.
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notable in its coverage. Excellent illustrations abound
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pulmonary air block phenomena enhances the understand-
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stiff, and leery of the media. Within the past few years all that
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■ Distinctive antibacterial action plus wide spectrum
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ceiling were lowered to the height of at most fourteen feet.
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The third update to the fourth edition of Physicians' Current Procedural
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Florida Medical Association Officers and Council Chairmen
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standards of temperature and humidity may be cited the observations (1)
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— Patients with gonorrhea who also have syphilis should be given
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service of the soldier, and the influence it has on him. A recruit entering
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in lash or even an anaphylactic reaction. With these exceptions, most ot the side effects occur after repeated administra-
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stop-gate in the outlet-pipe where it leaves the tank, to be opened by hand
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used in patients with open angle glaucoma who are receiving
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Study Program at Baylor College of Medicine and professor
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continuing medical educations, the American Society of
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2 This may he due to the absence of radiation from the ground ; ground radiation
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Distinctly, the left brain is logical and orderly, whereas the
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members Mrs. Irene Schmutz, Recording Secretary, and
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American Society of Contemporary Medicine and Surgery.
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duct, and scanty encouragement for the cultivation of martial qualities.