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tution, came to his death by an injury received on the 2d day of
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(in the first quire, in cols, of 13 lines, each 4^X2f), red margins, rubrics at the end.
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treatment prescribed. It would be difficult to tell what they do
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administered in doses considerably above the average. Small
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peared to him the voice of his son, exclaimed, "Father! I am dying-!''
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Session 5: Moving to Stay Healthy I Educator's Guide
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vival of letters in Europe, and which now minister in so many
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I think, a more important cause of degenerative change in the
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mucb(?) he excelled in all other Arts and Sciences." Folio.
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muscles all relaxed; then fixing the patient's body, by placing my
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candid enough to say what they think, that it would be a work
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France, in double cols, of 43 lines, each 4^xi|, ruled and margined with plummet,
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states that in hot climates tubercles are rarely found in any other
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by such means as will achieve the two-fold end of sustaining the
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in double cols., are inserted under the attached fly-leaves, the second slip contains St. Ambrose's
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should be carried out for five minutes at a time thrice daily. Formaldehyde
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Acts of the Apostles and of the Revelation on | vellum, beautifully wrote with the initials painted
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Adenot^s also described a case, but the patient died of
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and kindness to the inmates; and this is secured by selecting the
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action, in modifying the character of the disease, as exhibited in the
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moribus : — | ethicorum aristotiLis LibeR de | cimus et vltimus explicit Felici- | ter : In
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Est-ce à dire, pour autant, que le législateur fédéral devrait s'arrêter là? D'aucuns
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Ends (3, 6 [f. '30'] r°. col. b, line 33): pars mellis fiat sirupus.
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all those who were endowed with a certain portion of intelligence
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muscular and tendonous support, as is very well portrayed
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From this nnnouncement, it appears that the Medical Depart-
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it can be done with instruments that are always at hand during