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contract with Medicaid, it has not yet been instituted.

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Quality. — The most of the well water is very hard, and in some cases

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(e) Standard Solution of Ammonium Chloride (see 4 (a)).

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Peripheral Vascular Arterial Lesions, (Abstr) Chest 68 409, 1975.

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Adverse Reactions: On rare occasions oral administration of the drug has

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as Fig 5). B (below) Carcinoma of the pancreas. Note the dilated intra- and

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At the last Committee meeting, allied health profession

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Resolution 78-19 Staff Personnel for HSA Monitoring was adopted by

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Reference Committee recommendation for approval of Report MM of

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Zurich (Znr Kenntniss der Bacteritischen Mykosen, von J. C. Eberth, 1873), have-

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survival was materially improved by radiation therapy

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The soil must be properly prepared for sewage irrigation ; either a

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humidity of the air influences climate, by hindering the passage of heat

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temperature regulation, hormonal interactions, interme-

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Anemometers. — The dials are read from left to right. The first on the left records

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If, instead of being buried, the body is burned, the same process occurs

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food containing an equivalent amount of nitrogen ? On this point strict

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Delegates considered a number of resolutions which addressed the

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