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Treatment. — Preventive treatment is by far the most effectual, both
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The affection thus closely resembles, and is generally taken for, hsemor-
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shape and material to the skull-caps worn by Bishops and
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usually comes of his activity, for he is inconstant and whimsical. In the
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and till about the corresponding period in the female, but they may last
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a serious aspect to the case. The muscles are diminished in bulk;
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assassination. One is reluctant to believe that thirteen Eng-
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hypnotic treatment removed the insomnia the drug habit was usually
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meningitis the parts affected by spasm are prone to become paralysed ;
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the sebaceous and sudoriparous glands, sometimes nearer the surface, in
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to a spasm or paralysis of the ciliary muscle, coupled with irregularities
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fallen the old Surgeons' Hall in the same quarter of the
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1. Arattjo, Suva. Arch, de mAd. nav. 1875 and 1878. — 2. Emily. Arch, de
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simple reduction of irritability. The wasting is usually not extreme ; it
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considering that we should never know what the subjective aura of
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abandonment of the idea that, in addition to a soul, the
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test tube and mixed gently with 0.1 ml of thromboplas-
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a sufficient income, and had the gratification of making it
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have become more or less deformed, faces outwards, or outwards and
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used. For the scalp, yolk of egg is the best substitute for soap. In
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recovery, and chronic delusions or chronic mental weakness results.
marked tendency to mental weakness, while at the same time there are
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ever, may be given in small doses (gr. x. ter die) for a considerable time,
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found melancholia, which demands early operative interference. Again,